Yogic Breathing: a pranayama workshop

The word Pranayama is from the roots Prana = life force (vital energy) and Ayama = control.   Joe leads a two-hour workshop to delve into this important aspect of yoga practice.  
Saturday, September 27
Grove Studio 
w/ Joe Kaufman

Yoga 101 Workshop

101New to yoga? Curious, but not sure what to expect?  Our Yoga 101 workshop is made just for you.   

Saturday, September 20
with Maddie Webb
Grove Studio
Price: $30 and includes a one-week yoga pass!


Gong Immersion

gong thumbCome for a healing Sukh Nidra practice, with the sound of 3 gongs, and a physical practice for comfortable and happy sleep. 

Saturday, October 18
with Phoenix Amrita Kaur
Grove Location
Price: $25

Vinyasa 101 Workshop

Join Laurie Brockhaus for this two-hour workshop and delve into the nitty gritty of Vinyasa yoga. 

Sunday, October 26
w/ Laurie Brockhaus
Dogtown Location