Yoga Method Weight Loss

method weight loss thumbIn this specialized 6-hour clinic you will learn how to apply the philosophy of yoga and the motivation of hypnosis to reach your weight loss goals.

We will begin by studying basic yoga postures and how they can be accessed by virtually anyone and how they aid in weight loss. Then we will take a deep look at how your current lifestyle could be leading to weight gain and how yogic living can help you to let go of unwanted weight. Finally we will awaken the power of visualization through hypnosis to help you BE the change you want to see.

You will leave this class with the tools you need to help you get to your goal AND a 30 days of unlimited yoga at UB. (Already a member at UB? That's okay, we can freeze your membership for one month so that you can take advantage of this special offer!) This class also comes with unlimited access to virtual files of hypnosis and yoga videos that you can use at home giving you lasting inspiration to be the YOU that you want to be.

$130  (includes one month of unlimited yoga)

Please reserve your spot online.