Urban Breath Yoga Scholarship Program

About Urban Breath Scholarships
Thank you for your interest in the Urban Breath Yoga scholarship program. A limited number of scholarships for unlimited yoga at $37.50/month (worth half off the price of a monthly membership) are available to students who are experiencing financial hardship and who demonstrate a strong interest in the practice of yoga and the Urban Breath community.  Please know that, due to availability of funds, we may not be able to offer scholarships to all who apply.

Scholarship Process:

  • Submit a completed online application (link below), attaching income verification (i.e. pay stub, recent tax form, unemployment statement, etc.).  
  • Applicants will be notified of application status via email within two weeks of application. Recipients will be offered a half price membership ($37.50) for a period of three months.  The membership will be automatically charged to recipient's credit card for the three-month duration agreed upon.  
  • If recipients would like to contiue to receive scholarship funds after three months, they must re-submit a scholarship application at least two weeks before their established autopay date.  Renewal is not guaranteed and depends on available funds and recipient's membership use.

Please contact Christy Chadwick, Assistant Manager, with any questions about scholarship.

Scholarship Application