Work at UB

Yoga Instructors

To be considered for a yoga instructor position you must have a minimum of 200 hours training and at least one year teaching experience.  

  • Passion and superior knowledge in yoga required. 
  • Should be energetic, thoughtful, and safe
  • Strong desire to be a team player at UB

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UB Work/Yoga Trade
UB has a limited number of work-study front desk positions for sincere, highly motivated yoga students who want to be more involved in the UB community and earn yoga  UB Buck to use towards classes,  workshops and even the yoga teacher training program. Front desk work-for-yoga positions require a three-hour shift  per week and a minimum commitment of six months.

This is not a volunteer position. Work-study staff must demonstrate respect, reliability and accountability. In exchange, for each hour worked you will receive the equivalent of $10 in "UB Bucks" to use towards anything at the studio including the Membership, Student Immersion, or Yoga Teacher Training.  

To be eligible for the UB work-study program you must...

  • Have attended UB classes for at least three months
  • Commit to working for at least six months
  • Be very dependable, punctual, throrough and an excellent communicator
  • Show excellent customer service skills
  • Demonstrate professionalism 
  • Regularly attend UB yoga classes

If you meet these criteria, please fill in this online form and tell us why you'd like to do the work-yoga exchange.  If we have an opening UB studio manager will contact you via email in return.

Please be sensitive to the fact that we may not be able to offer work-yoga positions to all who apply.

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