Stacy Broussard

Stacy BroussardStacy started practicing yoga at just 12 years old, after leaving the gymnastics team due to wear on her body. She found yoga to be the perfect replacement- challenging, but gentle and encouraging respect for the body, which was a welcome message after many years of pressure from coaches to “push through pain” and “be the best”. In 2006, Stacy left a full-time job and traveled to Baja, Mexico for a month to complete a 200-hour teacher training program through the Yandara Yoga Institute. Stacy has a gift for helping students find peace, balance, and strength that they didn’t know existed within them. Her classes are a flowing hatha style, with a focus on safe body alignment, and her teaching is intuitive and calming. Stacy says that yoga “feels like home”, and she practices for not only herself, but for those around her. When not at the studio, Stacy is spending time with her family, perhaps working in the garden, cooking, or practicing yoga together (that is, when there’s no baseball game on to watch). One of Stacy’s many talents is (not) cooking healthy and delicious raw food dishes; never turn down a slice of her raw pecan pie.