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8 Angle Pose

Have you ever given Eight Angle Pose a try? This is a fun pose that tends to look much more complicated than it really is, so Instructor Stacy Broussard is here to guide you through it! Spend some time stretching out your hips and hamstrings, and then see where this pose takes you. Don't forget to breathe!

Downward Dog w/ Jee Moon

Urban Breath instructor Jee Moon walks us through Downward Facing Dog, explaining helpful tips on alignment and on ways to relax into the pose.

Basic Yoga Flow w/ Stacy Broussard

Instructor Stacy Broussard with an easygoing cat/cow pose flow filmed by SLAM Agency. It's beginner friendly, and can be especially helpful for those who experience lower back pain.


Yoga Modifications During Pregnancy

Instructor Stacy Broussard walks us through some options for modifications to take while doing yoga during pregnancy, including a few specifics for each trimester. Let us know what you think in the comments below! 
We offer Prenatal Yoga classes several times a week - check out our website to sign up, or send us a message if you have any questions!


Omtober Kick-off!
Thank you Michael for sharing how yoga five times a week has uncovered a deeper layer of health and wellbeing!!
How has UB membership transformed you?
How does Urban Breath membership improve your well-being on every level? Our wonderful member Christine says it more eloquently than I can!

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